Privacy Policy

  • These General Terms and Conditions apply to all offers made by Kalantzis Plants (the ‘Seller’), to all agreements concluded between the Seller and a customer (the ‘Buyer’), and to the performance of those agreements.
  • Any varying provisions must be expressly agreed in writing and will be deemed to supplement and not to replace these General Terms and Conditions.
  • This website ( is administered by Kalantzis Plants. By viewing this website and using the information provided on it you declare yourself in agreement with these terms. The following terms shall apply.


Use of the website and privacy
  • The information on this website is intended as general information. Despite the fact that Kalantzis Plants always tries to keep this website updated using sources that are considered reliable, Kalantzis Plants cannot guarantee accuracy  and completeness of the information being provided. Neither can Kalantzis Plants guarantee error-free or uninterrupted functioning of the website.
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Privacy Statement
  • Your Privacy is important to Kalantzis Plants. Kalantzis Plants may collent and use the following kind of personal information:
  • Information that you provide for the purpose of subscribing to the website services (newsletters).
  • Any information that you send to Kalantzis Plants
  • Kalantzis Plants may use your personal information to:
  • Enable your access to and use of the website services
  • Supply to you services that you purchase
  • Send you statements, news and invoices
  • Send you marketing communications
  • Kalantzis Plants will not disclose your personal information to any agents or third-parties.
  • Messages you send to Kalantzis Plants by email may be intercepted or otherwise manipulated. Kalantzis Plants advises you not to send confidential or otherwise sensitive information by email to Kalantzis Plants. If you opt for sending messages to Kalantzis Plants by email then you will accept the risk that these messages may be intercepted or otherwise manipulated by a third party.


  • All offers made shall not bind the Seller , unless they specify a time limit. If an offer is accepted by the Buyer, the Seller may revoke the offer within two working days of receipt of the acceptance.
  • The prices are generally determined upon acceptance of the order. They are based on current market prices as realised through supply and demand.
  • All prices are to be determined by the Seller.
  • All prices are exclusive of value added tax (VAT).
  • The prices do not include import duties, other taxes and charges, costs of quality inspection and/or phytosanitary testing, and costs of loading and unloading, packaging, transport and insurance.


Delivery, Transportation and Packaging
  • The Seller must deliver the agreed quantity, unless an event of force majeure necessitates a reduction in the quantity.
  • Delivery will be free only if and to the extent as so agreed and stated by the Seller in the invoice.
  • The Seller reserves the right not to perform orders if the Buyer has not paid for previous deliveries within the agreed term of payment. The Seller will not be liable for any loss incurred by the Buyer as a result of non-delivery
  • If the Buyer has not taken delivery of the products at the agreed time and place, the Buyer will be liable for any loss in quality suffered due to storage.
  • If the Buyer does not stipulate any means of transport, the Seller will choose the most customary manner of transport.
  • The costs of transport will be charged additionally to the Buyer.
  • In the case of shipment by means of the Seller’s own means of transport, the Seller will be liable for any damage incurred until the moment of delivery of the products to the Buyer.
  • Contrary to the provisions of paragraph 7, if a shipping agent has been engaged the Seller will be liable only for damage that occurs until the moment of transfer of the products to the shipping agent.
  • If the Buyer fails to return durable packaging material (stacking trolleys, containers, etc.) , the Seller reserves the right to charge the costs of that material to the Buyer and to recover from the Buyer any further loss incurred.


  • Payment must be made, at the Seller’s option:
  • net cash on delivery; or
  • within 45 days after the invoice date by means of deposit or transfer to a bank or Postbank account stated by the Seller.
  • The Buyer may not deduct any amounts from the purchase price to be paid on the grounds of an alleged claim. The Buyer may not suspend the payment of the purchase price on the grounds of a complaint about the products delivered.
  • The Buyer will be in default upon the expiry of the agreed term of payment.
  • If the Buyer is in default, the Seller can be entitled to charge interest of 1.0% per month on the amount outstanding, as from the due date of the invoice until the date of payment in full.
  • If the Buyer is in default, the Buyer shall also account to the Seller for any loss suffered owing to a change in the exchange rate.


  • Complaints concerning visible defects in products delivered must be notified to the Seller by fax, telex, e mail or telephone immediately after discovery but at the latest within 24 hours of receipt. Notification by telephone must be confirmed in writing by the Buyer within two days after receipt of the products. The Buyer or recipient of the products must also note the complaint on the transport documents in question, as confirmation that the complaint existed at the time of delivery of the products.
  • Complaints concerning non-visible defects in products delivered must be notified to the Seller immediately after discovery but must in any event be submitted to the Seller in writing in such good time as to enable the Seller to investigate, or instigate an investigation of, the validity of the complaints on location and/or to take back the products delivered.
  • A complaint must in any event contain:
  • a detailed and accurate description of the defect(s); and
  • a statement of any other facts from which it can be inferred that the products delivered and the products rejected by the Buyer are one and the same.
  • Complaints in respect of a part of the products delivered will not entitle the Buyer to reject the entire delivery.
  • Once the time limits referred to above have elapsed, the Buyer will be deemed to have accepted the products delivered or the invoice rendered. The Seller will no longer be obliged to handle any claims submitted by the Buyer.