Kalantzis Plants keeps as a highest priority the quality of our products and their safe transportation to your place. For that reason, we try every day to enrich the services we offer to you. Below you can read about the most important of them. For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


We work only in wholesale business, and thus our nursery sells products only to wholesalers, garden centers, growers or flower shops. We do not have any retail sales or shipments to individuals, but if you contact us we can easily inform you about the nearest shop to your place where you can find our products.

In case that you cannot reach our sale locations, or if you cannot load the products with your transport mean, we quarantee to find and propose a professional transport company and have them in your place whenever you need them.

We always try to keep our customers well-informed, not only about our products and services, but also about everything important that goes around the floriculture section (Excibitions, Open Days, Symbosiums etc). Please fill in our contact form, providing us with your name and email address, so we can sign you in our Newsletter list.

Through our participation to the relative training programs, Kalantzis Plants can be a place for the summer training of students or young graduates of any agricultural school. Moreover, we always welcome any new agronomists, or even incividuals who want to share our passion for floriculture and work temporarily in our nursery.

In a fast developing sector, like floriculture, there is always need for young, inspired agronomists or generally passionated people who want to make the difference with their capabilities. Kalantzis Plants is ready to share its vision with whoever shares the same values and ideals.